Personal Loans

Hassle-free personal loans

Our team is qualified to identify the customer needs very early in the process and offer suitable personal loan options based on the client needs. We go through individual circumstances, affordability, repayment and budget needs. Our purpose is to get you that additional loan to support your lifestyle without creating additional burden

  • Fast Payment times in your bank account
  • Phone or online application options
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Flexibility to pay early with no exit-fees
  • Cash flow management
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Why us

Benefits of Fundee personal loans

Fundee is a simple, fast, stress-free way to borrow. Apply online, get a quick decision and once approved, have your money in 60 minutes.


Experienced team Our expert personal loan team will ensure you have access to a wide range of personal loan products. More choice means more savings


Lender panel Access to a vast lender panel for your personal loan which will give you flexibility with term, interest rates and repayments

Interest Rates

Competitive rates Our team will find out the most competitive rates on the market. More choice means better rates which means more savings in your pocket!

Call Centre

Personalised service A helpful and dedicated personal loan broker to guide you through the whole process


Unsecured Personal Loans

This is one of the most popular loans in our kit bag. Don’t waste time searching on the internet for loans as some of them can adversely affect your credit rating. Life as we know it can have various needs and we here at FUNDEE understand that anyone can need a cash boost at any point in their lives. Whether it be the much needed renovations at the house, the travel plans you have been putting off for a while, any unplanned bills, paying for a wedding or anything you need cash in the bank for. We can get it sorted for you.

  • Wide range of unsecured personal loan lenders
  • Quick approval and turn around rates
  • Quick access to funds in your account after approval
  • Competitive personal loan interest rates
  • Funds from as low as $2000
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Debt Consolidation Loans

We here at FUNDEE understand that sometimes in life making different payments to different lenders can be overwhelming. If you are finding it hard to make payments to multiple lenders like car loans, credit cards, other debt, we here at FUNDEE PERSONAL LOANS have the solution. We offer multiple options to consolidate all payments into one and then make only repayment and make it easy to manage your repayments

  • Wide range of debt consolidation options
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible weekly, fortnight and mothly repayments
  • Quick turn around and approval rates
  • Compare products to save money
  • Loans starting from as low as $2000
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answers you are looking for? Visit out our full list of FAQ’s for more info.

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  • How do I qualify for a personal loan? accordian

    Everyone is different depending on their circumstances. If you have any stream of income coming in be it employment, pension, centrelink, family tax benefit. We can assist in most instances

  • How quickly can I get the funds? accordian

    We aim to have same day approval and funds in the account. Sometimes this can take longer depending on the circumstance but most personal loans hit the banks within 24-48 hours

  • Why should I not just call my bank? accordian

    Good question. We get asked that a lot. Most banks have a one size fits all approach. We at Fundee on the other hand search for the best products based on your needs. We check with multiple lenders to get you the best deal

  • Can I pay off my personal loan sooner? accordian

    Absolutely. Most personal loan lenders we have on board allow our customer flexible early payment options and dont penalise them for doing so.

  • Are there any age limits on personal loans? accordian

    Personal loans can vary from 1 to 7 years depending on your needs and circumstances.