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Flexible aviation finance options

Is your business in need of new aircraft? Fundee provide highly competitive aviation finance to businesses across Australia for helicopters and aircrafts. We finance single-seat, twin-prop, light aircraft, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft all the way up to private and corporate jets.

Whether you’re buying new or used or purchasing aircraft for specialised tasks, such as crop-dusters, cargo haulers and sky-writers, we may be able to help.

  • New or used
  • Private or Dealer sales
  • Not just planes
  • Flexible options
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Why us

Benefits of Fundee Aircraft loans

Compare competitive finance for planes, helicopters, jets, light aircraft, engines and more with Fundee.

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New or Used No matter the age of the aircraft you're looking for, we can find a lender to suit.

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Private or Dealer Sale Whether its a brand new Jet or a used twin-prop from a private supplier, our team can assist with funding!

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Not just Planes That's right! We can provide funding for planes, helicopters, ground equipment and parts.

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Flexible Options Our aviation loans are flexible. We have options for 100% funding, balloon repayments and flexible loan terms.

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Helicopter Loans

The team at Fundee provide highly competitive helicopter finance to businesses across Australia. With access to many of Australia’s most trusted aviation financiers and a team of expert consultants ready to help, you can get started with a free, no-obligation quote today.

  • Wide panel of aviation lenders
  • New or Used
  • Private sale accepted
  • Flexible loan options


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Aeroplane Loans

Owning an aircraft can assist business owners to set their own schedules and grow their business without being at the mercy of commercial airlines. This advantage can save money and could offset the cost of the private aircraft in terms of cost savings, the ability to generate additional business and enhanced travel opportunities.
Financing a business aircraft can be a complicated process with a variety of unknowns to consider along the way, or it can be a simple matter of contacting your Fundee broker!

  • Wide panel of aviation lenders
  • New or Used
  • Private sale accepted
  • Flexible loan options


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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answers you are looking for? Visit out our full list of FAQ’s for more info.

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  • Can I source an aircraft from overseas? accordian

    Yes! Brand new aircraft are often imported from overseas and we have lenders who can assist with the purchase.

  • Can I get a pre-approval for an aircraft? accordian

    Yes we can look at a pre-approval option. Aviation loan terms are worked off hours to run so, if you’re looking at a used aircraft, it is best that we have an idea of the machine prior to starting the process.

  • Can I purchase a pre-owned aircraft? accordian

    Yes – applicants can purchase both new and used aircraft, subject to lending criteria and airworthiness.

  • Can my business finance aviation upgrades or parts? accordian

    Yes, businesses can finance overhauls, large part replacements, avionics upgrades and more. Ask your friendly Fundee broker!

  • I want to finance a crop-duster or cargo aircraft. Is that possible? accordian

    Yes – We finance all types of single and twin-engine planes, Very Light Jets (VLJs), helicopters, and ultra-light aircraft, subject to CASA requirements.