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Fundee caravan loans, motorbike loans, RV loans, horse float loans, and more

If you’re looking to finance a caravan, motorbike, motor home or a horse float , you’ve arrived at the right place! We understand applying for a lifestyle or leisure loan can be tricky. But here at FUNDEE, our team of experts can find you the right loan for your needs.

We have specialised lenders who operate in the lifestyle and leisure goods space to ensure our customers are getting the best deals

  • Fast turn around time
  • 100% online applications
  • Quick pre-approvals
  • No restriction on asset type
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Trusted lender
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Benefits of Fundee Caravan Loan, Motorbike Loan, Horsefloat Loan

Fundee is a simple, fast, stress-free way to borrow. Apply online, get a quick decision and once approved, have your money in 60 minutes.

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Easy applicaion Click apply now or pick up the phone and call us!

Interest Rates

Easy Pre-approvals No better feeling than knowing you have a pre-approval and you can go shopping!


Range of lendersSpecialised caravan, motorbike, horse float and trailer lenders. More choice means more options and more options means more saving!


Specialist team Experienced brokers with over a decade of experience in the lending space means you are in great hands!


Caravan Loans

We live in such a beautiful country, Australia. And we know that one of the best ways to explore is on the road, and what better than a caravan or a campervan which is our own home on the streets no matter where you travel. We have specialised lenders who operate in this space and can ensure that our customers are getting the best product for your needs. So contact us today about your caravan loan needs

  • Wide range of caravan finance lenders
  • Private sale or dealer sale
  • Instant application online or on the phone
  • Quick pre-approvals
  • We help you compare and save
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Motorbike Loans

The adrenaline one gets from being on a motorbike at 100km/h is unmatchable and something only those on these great machines can experience. Here at Fundee motorbike loans, our team understands that once someone makes a decision to buy a motorbike, they can’t be stopped. Luckily we have a range of lenders who think so too and offer great motorbike loan products to our customers!

  • Wide range of motorbike finance lenders
  • Dealer or private sale
  • Finance for new or used motorbikes
  • Quick approvals
  • Apply online instantly or pick up the phone to connect with one of our brokers right away!
  • Motorbike loans from $5,000 to $100,000+
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answers you are looking for? Visit out our full list of FAQ’s for more info.

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  • Why should I choose Fundee for leisure loans? accordian

    The simple answer is because of the choices we give you. Most banks don’t operate in this space and would suggest a personal loan (which means higher rates). But we have a range of lenders who specialise in these loans means more variety and savings for our customers!

  • I already have a car loan does that mean I can't get a leisure loan? accordian

    We identify the need for every customer and ensure they only finance what the can afford. Which means yes you can finance a leisure good along with already have another loan (car or personal). If you can afford it, we can fund it!

  • Can I buy from a private seller? accordian

    Yes you can choose where you want to purchase the asset from and there is no restriction on where you can buy from

  • Are there any age limits? accordian

    We have lenders who allow flexibility and choice to finance even older assets regardless of their age.

  • I have bad credit, can I still finance a caravan? accordian

    We here at Fundee believe in second chances, and luckily so do our lenders! Talk to us today about your credit history and what you want to finance and we will work out possible finance options!